Namste !!

Thank you for visiting my site.

I started loving taking photographs long time ago. However, owning a camera was a daydream during student life. .You must be thinking why do I do photography? Well, I like it; it is fun to do. Don't you think so? It is fun to capture precious moments. So precious moment that I get goosebumps when I see them after a long time.

Why I have this site? I like to share like you do. My photographs are free to use (Creative Commons License). Anyone can use my photographs in your works for non commercial purpose. If you need higher resolution photographs please feel free to contact me info [at] dimcanvas.com.

Why nature photography? Simple, nature and I love each other ;) You must have been freaked out by now because I said nature loves me. How can physical thing love emotional being? Well, I would not answer such heavy philosophical question until and unless you seriously want me to. I think this is also cool way to say.

If you would like to say any bla bla bla to me, just do it. If you have my phone number you could call me or text me. What about sending some message in social media? Sorry! Bishwa does not do social media. However, you can always write to me in above email address, although the probability of getting email is almost zero :D


Bishwo Ghimire

Jan 6, 2016